About Us

Originally from Brazil, Eliana and Viviane grew up on the country's beautiful beach, soaked by the year-round Brazilian Sun. Ever since their childhood, the sisters have shared a passion for beauty and fashion.

Why We Founded Samba Glow

Eliana and Viviane wanted to recreate the sun-drenched tan they had as children. After they realized the damages from the sun and tanning beds, they became addicted to the sunless tanning method. Eliana and Viviane spent years trying to find a place that would please them in terms of the quality of products, and excellent service-service that extended beyond an initial visit. Unable to find a place that offered all of the concepts they felt important to a sunless tanning boutique, they decided to dedicate their professional purposes to creating such a place.

Samba Glow Boutique located in Menlo Park is a complete and tailored high-end boutique offering a healthy way to get the Brazilian Sun without the UV rays of the sun and tanning beds.

Both sisters are known for by being meticulous about their quality of work, always bringing new ideas and innovation to the business.

The mission of Samba Glow is to offer each person a consistent and personalized natural-looking spray tan and to utilizing Brazil Rainforest finest quality natural and organic ingredients ensuring premium sunless experience and 100% guarantee customer satisfaction."

Viviane and Eliana Jardim

We look forward seeing you at our airbrush tanning boutique, welcome to Samba Glow.