Spray Tanning Services in Menlo Park CA

Original Tan

  • Full Body Spray Tan
  • 60
  • Upper or Lower
  • 32
  • with Shimmer or Scent
  • 64
Bronzer solution allows you to see the results of your tan immediately after application. Go for a healthy glow, a light tan, a medium tan, or go dark!
Tan develops within 8-10 hrs

Clear Tan

  • Full Body Spray Tan
  • 65
  • Upper or Lower
  • 34
  • With Shimmer or Scent
  • 69
Perfect selection for clients who do not want to draw attention , and since it does not contain bronzer, you will not experience any residue on your clothes!
Tan develops within 8-10 hrs

Speed Tan

  • Full Body Spray Tan
  • 69
  • Upper or Lower
  • 36
  • With Shimmer or Scent
  • 73
For our last minute tanners who need results in 2-4 hours. We will adjust the color based upon your skin type and how dark you want to be.
Tan develops within 2-4 hrs

*New Client Special! Buy one Get second 1/2 off

For a sunless spray tan that gives you a beautiful, natural color that complements your skin tone and never leaves you orange, try a golden Brazilian spray tanning session with Samba Glow.

Instead of using an automated booth to apply your airbrush tan, one of our trained technicians will apply your tan using handheld airbrushing equipment. Our paraben free spray tanning solution is all natural, with organic ingredients, and contains vitamins A and E, aloe vera, antioxidants and collagen to give you healthier skin as well as a sexy, even tan.

With a sunless spray tan from Samba Glow, you can enjoy a healthy glow any time of the year, without the harmful effects of UV rays. An airbrush tan can be a special treat before you go on vacation, on your honeymoon, to a family or high school reunion, to the prom, or for any other special occasion -- or just to indulge yourself. Book your sunless tanning session with Samba Glow today!

Tanning Packages

Original Tan

  • 5 Full Body Spray Tan
  • 250 | 50ea
  • 10 Full Body Spray Tan
  • 450 | 45ea

Clear Tan

  • 5 Full Body Spray Tan
  • 275 | 55ea
  • 10 Full Body Spray Tan
  • 500 | 50ea

Speed Tan

  • 5 Full Body Spray Tan
  • 295 | 59ea
  • 10 Full Body Spray Tan
  • 540 | 54ea

Packages are transferrable and do not expire.


Tan 2x monthly

  • Use any of our tanning signatures
  • 89 | 44.50ea
Tan can ONLY be used Mon, Tue, Sat & Sun

Unlimited Monthly Membership

  • 199
Tan any days of the week
Use any of our tanning signatures

Memberships cannot be shared or transferred to other customers

*Automatic Monthly Withdrawal

*Receive 10% off products and merchandize
* Receive 10% off any Waxing, Brow & Lash Services & Eyelash Extensions
* $5off any additional Tans you my need beyond 2 per month.
* One Month cancellation required

Eyelash Extensions

  • Natural Glam
  • 195

  • Dramatic Glam
  • 250

Got a wedding, reunion, photo session or other event coming up? Consider Eyelash services from Samba Glow.

Natural Glam
This is a natural full set for more fullness and noticeable look. Mixtures of length, thickness, and curvatures to add volume to your natural lashes. Application time 60-75 minutes

Dramatic Glam (Volume)
This is a mixture of classic lashes and volume creating 2D, 3D, 4D hand made fan shape lashes. This create some fluffyness, texture, and volume. Still light and soft but will add more volume. Application time 1.5- 2 hours

Tell us what you have in mind and we’ll help you achieve the smooth, flawless look you want with Eyelashes services from Samba Glow!


  • 85/115
  • 95/125
  • 25

Compliment Your Golden Tan with a Brow Design & Brazilian Waxing

Brow Bar

  • Eyebrow Design
  • 30
  • Hairline | Sideburn
  • 15
  • Lip | Chin
  • 15
  • Full Face
  • 60
  • Full Face (Without Brows)
  • 45
  • Nose
  • 10
  • Eyelash Application
  • 50
  • Eyelash Perm
  • 65


  • Bikini (Basic | Extended | Brazilian)
  • 45 | 59 | 75
  • Full Buttocks | Between the Cheeks
  • 45 | 22
  • Arm Half | Full (Includes Fingers)
  • 35 | 45
  • Underams
  • 23
  • Full Leg | Half Leg (Upper/Lower)
  • 89 | 55
  • Full Leg + Bikini (Basic | Extended | Brazilian)
  • 107 | 118| 133
  • Chest
  • 45
  • Full Stomach | Belly Strip
  • 45 | 15
  • Back Half | Full
  • 46 | 69
*Waxing while using accutane or retin-a is contraindicated.


  • 5 Eyebrow Wax
  • 120
  • 5 Brazilian Wax $375
  • 300 (Save $75)
  • Full Body Spray Tan & Brazilian Wax
  • 99 (Save 31$)

Samba Glow makes it convenient to get stunningly sexy eyes with our Lash and Brow Bar. When you just need a little bit of work -- such as adding to your lashes or getting a regular touch-up, or having your eyebrows waxed or tweezed -- you can drop in at your convenience.

Our skilled technicians can give you eyelash extensions using synthetic mink lashes that are individually applied for a natural look and a lightweight feel. Your lash extensions will be customized to fit and enhance the shape of your eyes. You won’t have to apply mascara to get the sultry look you love!

At our Brow Bar, we offer eyebrow waxing, eyebrow tweezing and eyebrow tint. Our services also beyond the brows, with options such as hairline, eyelash tint, full face, lip and sideburns. We also offer package deals such as Lip/Chin, Chin/Sides, eyelash perm and more.

Visit our Lash and Brow Bar whenever you just need a little maintenance to look your best!